Performance and Quality

The following text is from the RFP issued by the State of Maine in January, 2006 for the Maine Learning Technology Initiative. As the Maine Department of Education considers its next solution, these requirements are likely to be altered. In addition, some requirements may be out-dated and/or no longer relevant. Other requirements may need to be added.

3.5     Performance and Quality

3.5.1     Uptime

The Provider will ensure, at a minimum, that all functions of its classroom solution are reliable and available to the schools during the Period of Prime Usage.  This period is 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Maine local time, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.  During this period, the required uptime is as follows:



7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Maine local time,

Monday-Friday, excluding state holidays


6:00 AM to 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Monday-Friday, excluding state holidays


No scheduled downtime will be allowed for the instructional technology infrastructure except (1) for scheduled preventative maintenance, or (2) with the approval of the local school coordinator for issues affecting only the local school, or (3) with the approval of the Department Project Manager for system-wide outages.  This infrastructure includes the wireless LAN, servers, remote access and any other vendor-installed equipment.

3.5.2     Device Reliability

The solution will provide device reliability and a service level that ensures no student is without a functioning device for more than one (1) school day.  This may mean that different support plans need to be in place for different schools.

3.5.3     Response Time

The solution must provide services to all students and teachers concurrently on the wireless network with quality response time that does not hinder or impede effective instruction and learning in the classroom.  This requirement includes the ability for students to browse the Internet, download files and use streaming video without unreasonable delay.  This requirement also includes the provision that the solution must provide concurrent wireless services to all students and teachers in a manner that, as a minimum, guarantees throughput capability, from host to client, of 3 megabits per second for files 1 megabyte or less in size 90% of the time.

3.5.4     Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

The bidder will describe any program that they provide to cover replacement of the infrastructure in the event of theft or loss through a catastrophic event.  A disaster recovery plan will be developed and implemented by the Provider to ensure that the school’s infrastructure is restored by the start of next school day at 7 AM.

3.5.5     Server Failure

If the solution includes servers, then the solution must provide server redundancy or other fallback strategy in the event of server failure.  This will provide continued operation of the servers in the event of server hardware or software failure.

3.5.6     UPS

The Provider must include necessary Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capacity to those parts of the solution where a power loss could cause data loss or corruption, instability or other long-term negative effects on the solution. The solution should be able to be fully-enabled upon restoration of power without reconfiguration or significant intervention. Therefore necessary included servers and key infrastructure devices such as switches and wireless access points shall have a UPS with capacity to allow for those devices to remain operative in the case of a power outage. This UPS should allow personnel enough time to adequately shut down the server(s) or the infrastructure devices.

3.5.7     Performance Metrics and Reporting

The Provider must track and record operational Performance and Quality metrics necessary to ensure the successful management of the project.  Such performance metrics will be reported monthly, by school as necessary, to the Department’s Project Manager.  The reporting will include such items as incidents, device and system failure types, downtime, repair turnaround times, trends, remediation needed, unresolved issues, recommended improvements, other factors necessary to ensure a successful project.  Bidders should recommend metrics for consideration by the Department.


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